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Adventures in Active Addiction and Recovery — A Philosophical Perspective

National Day of Prayer?!?!

It only just came to my attention that I missed out on our ‘National Day of Prayer’ yesterday. How unfortunate — I would have very much enjoyed engaging in some public acts of blasphemy.

Don’t these idiots ever notice that despite all their stupid ( and UNCONSTITUTIONAL ) prayer holidays, the world situation never seems to improve? Granted, maybe they do FEEL better afterwords, but I feel better after masturbating and I don’t attach any cosmic metaphysical significance to the act.

Prayer and theism are arguments I don’t like to often venture into. I consider prayer both to be utterly beneath contempt, any discussion of their supposed merits a waste of time. I don’t ‘disbelieve’ in God, nor do I reserve judgment. I KNOW there is none. Theism is a total non-starter on the intellectual playing field so far as I am concerned. I should mention that as I’ve nearly completed a Phd in Philosophy, I’ve heard all the standard arguments rehashed ad nauseam.

The most sensible, in my opinion, amount to something like this: Most Holocaust victims were deeply religious Jews, an enormous percentage of them orthodox. I think it’s safe to bet that millions of prayers were uttered in those camps, answered only by, perhaps, the heat of the ovens, the thud of Nazi jack boots approaching, another round of torture….

Conclusions: (1.) All of these prayers were unanswered.
(2.) All of them were answered, only the victims weren’t happy with the reply.

As I said before, I personally consider belief in God to be beneath contempt. Anyone who took this primitive notion seriously, would be appalled by the nature thus demonstrated by the being they thoughtlessly worship.

If I ever were to take up a belief in God, I would also take a serious interest in arming myself against this horrific boogeyman. Nor would I care about the futility of fighting a purportedly omnipotent being — better to lose, die, suffer, whatever, than align oneself with the grotesque religionists hide behind world history.

Thats not to say that that is why I don’t believe — just a comment on the servile subjugation of the faithful to a deity that, by their own lights, has proven worthy only of revolt, and certainly never worship.


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