Journey To The End Of Night
Adventures in Active Addiction and Recovery — A Philosophical Perspective

Melancholy Magick: Review

complete review forthcoming.

Right now though, I just have to put in a plug for this blog.  I thought the Bush administration had a nasty track record with respect to civil liberties, privacy rights, etc.  My whole take on the issue was turned on its head though when I stumbled upon this site.  It’s new but content is added daily and is a kind of watchdog digest, attending specifically to the powerful push by democrats and the Obama administration to hyper-regulate the internet ( make a kind of fairness doctrine apply to it ), speech, radio, but of course not TV — since 99% of all television media outfits are nothing but government propoganda organs.

In any state of emergency (he gets to decide what qualifies as such) Obama will, under sure to pass legislation, have the power to restrict access to whatever internet domains he likes (or dislikes, rather).  This will be exactly the same sort of web filter the Chinese view the internet through – when they are not milling about mindlessly like worker ants in that insectoid hive society of theirs….

Amazing!!  What did I just say?  You remember, about organs, a paragraph back?   America has ‘propaganda organs’?!?!  Thats almost as disgusting as saying something like ‘Rosie O’Donell has sexual organs!”  Or “Paris Hilton has bloody diarhea”.  ‘I sure for fucks sake hope not!” Seriously, though, I thought that propaganda organs were the sole province of impoverished bannana republics run by marxist revolutionaries and eastern communist nations behind the iron curtain.  I guess not.  The Soviet Union had a newspaper called ‘Pravda’.  It’s mostly transalted as ‘Truth’ but a more accurate translation would be something llike ‘straight facts’ or ‘unbiased, unfiltered news’.  

Sounds eerily familiar, right?  That stupid women on CNN or somewhere – ‘No Bias, No Bull’ (when thats about all you get) and the same crap on the other side, Fox, ‘No Spin Zone’, ‘We report.  You decide.”

Not much of a review – just an indicator of the sort of excellent content I’ve found on ( )


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