Journey To The End Of Night
Adventures in Active Addiction and Recovery — A Philosophical Perspective

What You Should Expect Inside a Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Center

Considering checking into a detox or drug rehabilitation program?  If you’re experience is shaping up to be anything like mine was you’ve made a number of phone calls at this point.  You know nothing about what goes on inside these places so you ask the nurse or counselor.  The question is inevitably brushed off with a few poilite comments about seeing a doctor, some counseling, education sessions.  Each call leaves you more or less equally uninformed.  The message is always the same, “Don’t have time to go into it… you’ll just have to come in and see…”

A typical 20-27 day inpatient stay at one of these facilities will run you or your insurance company 35-80,000 bucks or more.  So it’s no wonder we want our questions answered before committing to such astronomical expense.  And these are purportedly understanding persons that staff these centers.

So why this all around reluctance to describe what goes on in treatment?  Where does this shroud of secrecy emanate from?


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