Journey To The End Of Night
Adventures in Active Addiction and Recovery — A Philosophical Perspective

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…

Well, it’s been over two months since I last attended any sort of twelve step function, let alone a meeting.  Contrary to all I’d been told, I haven’t gone to hell in a handbasket, haven’t relapsed — as a matter of fact, life has in many respects improved.  I’m 100% physically sound and just a few days ago terminated an unhealthy relationship.  The prevailing wisdom about the rooms is that once meeting attendence is curtailed  coping skills deteriorate and one’s addiction rears it ugly head in other aspects of life.  Nothing of the sort going on here.  In fact, I can in all honesty say that smoking is the sole addictive behavior I havn’t been able to shrug off.

I’ll always owe a debt of gratitude to AA and especially to Narcotics Anonymous for extending the supportive hand of friendship to me in my time of need.  However, my opinions have matured in the past couple of months and you’ll see me take a harder line against the twelve step philosophy in future posts.

My considered opinion is that the twelve step philosophy and the twelve step process are superfluous structures serving solely to obscure the essential nature of recovery.

Recovery is about relationships, healthy relationships, self-reliance, and mutual inter-dependency without loss of independence and self.

It’s about living without drugs the same way we lived with drugs – ‘with a little help from our friends’.


One Response to “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends…”

  1. hi I’m just curious to know how you are doing? still going strong?
    you didn’t write for almost a month now!

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