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Adventures in Active Addiction and Recovery — A Philosophical Perspective

On Looking For Work Again — Why Modern Society is Damaging To The Soul…

The American Middle Class knows several fashionable usages for the notion of “being gainfully employed” First, there are the workers. These, steotypically, men, work, that is, perform repetitive manual labor with their hands. A step above the workers of the world and more safely ensconced within the confines of the middle class, stand the ‘white collar workers’. At the low end of the wage scale, these persons “have jobs”, “get paid”, and “work”. Another step higher leads us to the professions. These people “practice” the content of their respective fields, law, accounting, medicine, etc. They do not “work” but “have careers” and instead of getting paid they “earn salaries” or “make commissions”. The purveyors of The American Dream would have us all strive to roost as high as possible on this totem pole. Not that we all can, nor even want to. I’m speaking of ideals here. Let’s get down to Earth.

Most people work jobs. A job is something you’d rather not do. People work their jobs each day to survive. A job is a trap. Nine to five leaves little time nor energy to live. In their ‘free’ time workers get to do a little consuming of their own, eat, and sleep. Watch news. Get informed. Next day, the cycle repeats, feeding upon itself endlessly. Most people trapped in a dead end job will move on to a higher-paying but equally dead end job at some point in their lives and so the story goes even unto death. (Which due to heart healthy lifestyles and exercise programs workers roll about these hamster wheels years longer than ever before! Many think this a happy thing!) Some of us are not surprised when men “Go Postal!” The real surprise is that so many lack the spirit.

It’s transparently obvious. Unless man was placed on earth to click and clack attack a cash register, shelve items, and make fudge for rich folks, a person seeking self-realization and happiness will never find fulfillment in modern society, that is, in the workplace. Self-fulfillment is a trans-workplace, post-modernist phenomena. And it costs a lot of money or the willingness to live without much money and to set oneself apart from the mainstream.

It requires superior courage and drive to seek out and immerse oneself in an alien culture or sub-culture, to live alongside the workers and the automatons, but wrapped inside one’s own alternative reality.

End of Rant…



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